Apr 14, 2014

Queen Binge


Today I signed up for the thirty day trial of Google Music All Access to see if this would be worth my ten bucks a month. Quite coincidentally a friend of mine pointed me to this wonderful Queen Documentary and I have to say, I am enjoying a delightful Queen binge. What makes this so ironic is that I had enjoyed a few music videos of Nirvana, sparked by the band's recent induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Binging on Queen while at work, is going to be far more satisfying.


Being a teenager in the late nineties, I was mixed up with a variety of music. Thanks to my older sisters and the almost two decades of sounds I was exposed to as a kid, what makes my interest of Queen so powerful is the way it was introduced to me. When the band's Bohemian Rhapsody was sang in Wayne's World, that pretty much etched in my mind the source for which all interests in Queen came from. Yes there where the Vanilla Ice samples and plenty of other well popular songs that I must have heard once or twice while tuned to the radio, but the energy in that movie defined my interests for decades to come.


As I get older I find new interests everyday in music, movies, trending topics, and even in new hobbies. Though new hobbies are more like more complicated versions of things I've already tried, one hobby which will probably stick with me until I can't do it anymore, the one where I want to ride my bicycle. I've ridden a bicycle for a long time, but not as long as I've wanted to ride my bicycle. For over ten years I've broken bones, sprained ankles, scrapped and lacerated more areas of my body than one could begin to enjoy all for the love of wanting to ride my bicycle. Queen, a band which has defined rock in many ways has in some crazy way always meant something to me. A band to last beyond time and for me personally, one that will continue to inspire to do what I want freely.

Mar 10, 2014

Beto, a GNU/Linux User

In the last few weeks I've come up with a plan to help me focus on skills I either thought I possessed or wish to learn more thoroughly. Some of these skills are not entirely classified as skills and come in a variety of core concepts. In the end I would like to be able to take what I am learning in my spare time, and use it to progress in a very positive, more importantly, organic fashion. I've achieved a great deal in the past few years, ideally I just want to make sure there is a balance between the work I get out of achieving a goal as well as the likelihood of how efficiently that goal is met.

GNU/Linux and everything it supports will be the tools which I am going to use in assisting me towards achieving two separate tasks in order to complete one important goal. Coding is a skill but is it the same as representing your algorithm in the way a machine could interpret and execute it? So the question I have to ask myself is which skills do I want to hone in on first, and why? It's like saying I want to learn how to build a car before learning how to drive it, right? I mean, what good is it to build something if I can't even drive anywhere to pick up the those last minute materials to finish up a major milestone in my journey. This is very difficult for me to answer for myself and the thing that makes this sound a little bit like nonsense is that I don't even know what I'm talking about half time. So there you have it in a nut shell. Identifying what I know in order to figure out what I need to know or learn what I want to learn and figure it out later anything I need to know to catch up.

Being a GNU/Linux user makes me feel unique, open, free, and appreciated. I've used a lot of proprietary OSs to the free and open ones. In the end, when there is no special signing program depending on some plugin, I feel right at home using GNU/Linux. Over the next five months, everything I am going to do in my life will be based on my knowledge and experiences with GNU/Linux. Five months is definitely not enough time to become an expert, but I am certain that I will become more proficient with the tools available in the free and open source world as well as I will strive to work more efficiently by coming up with new projects to test the capabilities of both me and my computer.

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